Internet hits 233 million domain names

July 16, 2012

Second level domain space continues to grow.

Verisign released and announced its latest quarterly domain name report at an odd time this quarter — 4 pm on a Friday.

That’s usually the time you release bad news you don’t want people to hear about, so it’s kind of odd for a marketing piece.

So here’s my Monday morning coverage of highlights:

– Q1 closed with 233 second level domain registrations, and increase of 7.5 million over the previous quarter.

– Some of the 7.5 million additional were just counted for the first time: IDN ccTLDs launched through Verisign’s “Fast Track” program. At the end of the quarter there were 808,967.

– ccTLD registrations hit 94.9 million domains. There was no change atop the leaderboard. The most registered is .de, followed by .uk and .tk.